8 February 2014

Please Come with Us

That used bookstore I "discovered" steps from my house is the newest so-called victim of the generic mega-bookstores and on-line/e-reader buying trends.  A believer in click-and-buy I am quite aware that I am the problem, or am I? Let's face it, deals are superb, and being an active member of today and all it's webby goodness there is nothing better than a decent sale made even easier thanks to the free delivery icon.  
Did you read the book ma'am? No? Please come with us.

With the imminent demise of this SF treasure trove steps from my sofa,  I am making a trek down the street to buy some books. Sure, rather late to the party but this is more about reviewing my options than hoping my meagre cash donation will be a tide-turning event. Today's little shopping jaunt is an inaugural walk down a more conscience book buying future. Does this mean I will be burning my  mega-member's book points card? In all honesty, probably not, I live in a country that unabashedly prices the cost of books staggeringly higher than the very same books just across the border. Today is about making choices; is a book library-worthy, new-copy worthy or second-hand worthy will be my new internal dialogue, that and quoting Dune dialogue across my synaptic nerves at a constant frequency.

When it come to choice I am fascinated with  the minutia of decisions that results in what book I pick up to read.  I have written quite a bit on magic recently and for a very good reason, I seem to be surrounded by it. 2014 has not arrived like a lamb: there seems to be forces at play bringing forth bad luck for most people I know. Yet, with all these turns of ill-weather, ill-health, even ill-work (I blame this guy) my book choices have conjured up a shield of happiness. It has been some time that I have felt that unique wonder that reading can inspire.  Of course, sticking to what I like has helped tremendously. Funny how that works, eh. (yeah, that was an eh, we really do say it). 

Here in Canada, the CBC (once over-heard some tourists describe it as Canada's socialist 

Canada Reads 2014 Contenders Who will win the battle of the books?

radio broadcast!), our federally funded radio/media outlet has an annual segment called "Canada Reads".

 Isn't it lovely to live in a country that has a national debate about books? 

Seriously, it is awesome. Each year a theme is chosen, the nation responds with nominations, those nominations are reduced down to five. Five famous people (granted maybe NOT famous to everyone) are then asked to choose one of the sacred five and on-air over a couple of weeks, defend the shit out of it. A panel votes on the best defence, sends one book packing until only one remains, the book we must all read this year.  Okay, I am stretching it, you don't have to read the book, no Mountie is going to show up at your door to arrest you for reading infractions but how cool would that be if that also happened? 

 It has been very cold here in Canada, I am not responsible for how this post has unraveled.