13 August 2013

I Give It 5 Popsicles Out of 5

As the summer slowly passes into awesomeness, there are a few things that have become apparent to me. The first  is while I self-proclaim to be a winter baby, in fact I am a sun worshiper and will, if the glories orb of heat and light is beating down onto my deck, will slip into a Popsicle induced sun-coma, resulting in me forgetting anything that I was supposed to do that day, week and oh, look at that, month.  The second lesson from this awesummerness is my realization of how much I enjoy a Popsicle; so much that I am kind of a Popsicle pusher, stocking my freezer with delightful frozen water on a stick treats for anyone who wants one. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of takers so really the only who is benefiting from this is my little Dune Son who has learnt that cake at 8 in the morning is a big No but asking for a cold treat gets a completely different response.

Of course, you are wondering what the sweet bejeebus am I going on about as this is completely off topic from my SCIENCE FICTION blog that you have clicked to thinking you would in fact read about SCIENCE FICTION. Basically I am trying to say, while avoiding saying it, is that I have been a really crappy blogger these past few months but between the sun and the Popsicles, there was little to no chance of me being a prolific writer.

That being said, Popsicles and sun create amazing reading opportunities.  And so here I now sit, ready to share with you all those new books you need to go out and read if you want to continue to be my friend. See, it all works out. Care for a Popsicle, I've got rockets!  
Read SF, Join me!
Third lesson of this summer is of no surprise to anyone. My space operatic tendencies in book reading have moved into a full out addiction. I'm at a  point in my reading career (oh gawd, if ONLY someone would pay me to read books for a living) that I might have to pigeonhole myself into one awesome SF sub-genre, subsequently admitting that I am really trying to turn you all into operatic space nerds rather than SF geeks.   (What did she say?) If this is a shock to you, then you really need to pay attention more to my posts because my MOTHER (I am all into caps today and SHOUTING) has started to read science fiction and if my mother has turned to the nerd side, thanks to my aggressive bullying,  then you are soon to follow.  

With a Freezie in one hand (just as yummy just less drippy) and the other on my ratty copy of Dune, I pledge to start posting again.  Post frequency may decrease and my open mindedness to other sub-genres firmly closed but I am back and ready to take over the world, one space opera book at a time.  

But where is the review?  Next week, my friends, next week, or month.  I don't know, it looks really sunny out there.  Some


  1. Don't blame you. When choosing between reading Dune and eating a popsicle versus blogging, I'm going with the Popsicle

  2. It's amazing how many of us bloggery types have posts like this. I think I had an "I still exist" post not too long ago (though mine was sans popsicles, and now I'm wondering if popsicles would make everything better).

    Look forward to you getting back to writing!

  3. Thanks guys, glad to be back! Popsicles really do make things better and mega large Freezies can fill up an afternoon pushing the day into awesome territory.


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