21 August 2013


In April, the SF world learnt and subsequently tried to fathom that one of this century's prolific writers would be leaving us. Iain Banks passed away on June 9th leaving me feeling more frustrated than sad. Odd reaction I admit, but Iain's death left me feeling regretful. 

Having questioned myself (mostly silently, but can't swear on that. Side note - I caught myself bobbing my head up and down, whispering yup yup yup at ice-cream in the grocery aisle yesterday.) I arrived at a few reasons for my feelings of frustration. The first seems obvious, it took Iain's announcement of his terminal illness for me to spotlight  his books.   He has been around in the SF scene for quite some time and it is really shameful of me not to have read at least one of his books by now. 

True, I have been busy, but really, of all people, I should have read at least ONE book.  With regret comes lose, which in tern leads to the unproductive "what would have been" daydreaming. I am in a loop of what if's, unable to shake the thought that if only Kage Baker, and sigh, Frank Herbert were still with us,  I could be reading more super awesome stories. Just pondering on this makes my heart hurt.  Just think, the debacles of the new "Dune" series of books would not exist and we all would have on our bookshelves FRANK HERBERT penned new Dune books. You know, I have to lie down for a moment and compose myself.

Yes, everyone does die; spare me the comments of advice to pick up The Tibetan Book of the Dead (own it, just haven't read it yet). I might live in a rosy coloured bubble comprised of sitting on park benches and eating Popsicles but I do comprehend that we die.  I get that, I do.  What I am struggling with is that I have been a shit reader and realize through Mr. Banks passing of how many books I need to get to.(There must be some way I can get some type of "reading" grant that would free me up from my job.)

I am often told (yes, by my mother) that I should write a book.  To be frank, it is of no interest to me. Sure, I like doing this thing but the thought, care, frustration, tears and stubbornness needed to write a book is out of my scope of abilities (Dune Mommy is tired,  yo). Anyway, I LOVE being a reader.  My contentment of being the audience to all those writers out there is work.  With this in mind I leave you, I just finished Consider Phlebas, and am moving onto The Player of Games. And yes, they are awesome, and yes, expect a ridiculously amazing review in the near future and yes, I have no idea who Phlebas is nor why he should be considered.


  1. That is sad about Ian Banks. I haven't read any of his work either, but I will. And Frank Herbert definitely should be around. Let us know how Phlebas is considered

  2. Look at those covers. What an accomplishment. Haven't read any of them, but I'm hoping to change that soon. Thanks for sharing, Holly.

  3. Hi Joylene, Yes so many great books to read. I have read now the first 2 Culture books and found them extremely fun to read. Will write-up a review soon.


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