8 May 2012

How bout no

Much to your surprise I am sure, I don't like every book.    And when I type don't like, I really mean, "never finished, trying to return it to the nearest retail bookstore for a refund". Once in a blue moon inspiration hits and I've decided to expand my catalogue.  Below are a list of books I am trying to unload that inspired me not in any way.  Sometimes sticking to what you like works best.    I know the oddity of reviewing unfavourable reads with the intentions of hoping someone else will buy it and enjoy it but hey, why not, this could end up being a side racket for me.

My first exploration in all things Wells did not go so well.  I got to the point that the protagonist has packed up his belongings on a cart and has fled.  No matter how many cups of coffee I had, I could never mentally picture what was going on.  And this is important because the book relies on descriptive paragraphs detailing the alien quality to create that sense of  horror and suspense.  

I actually finished this behemoth. I was all for this concept but like all Stephen King books I get to a point in his novels that he has chucked in some type of sexual violent scene and am "Why guy? You were doing so well." Yup there is some nastiness in this.  Sure I get that if an impregnable force field closed down upon a town, that some bad shit might happen  but that doesn't mean that I have to read about it especially when it doesn't really contribute at all to the story line.   King should just jump into soft core porn or erotica if he wants to talk sex.  

I am reluctant to add this to the list just for the sheer back lash I am going to receive but I found The Hobbit b.o.r.i.n.g.  Actually there is quite a bit to the the Lord of the Rings trilogy of books that I didn't like either.  The entire return to The Shire in The Return of the King was so long and so uninteresting to me.  To be frank, I would skip pages and pages.  EEK!  Good lord, I might have to pack up and move.

Ender's Game, The Series
Don't get me wrong, I love and highly recommend the book.  What I have an issue with is the long list of books that follow in the series.  When Card starts talking about the hegemony, I automatically slip into a semi-state of consciousness.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Okay, so it is pretty apparent here that I don't care about being popular. I hated this book. Hated it and the reason why I hated it is because I loved it so much for the first 200 pages. Then, all the bad stuff happened and my mind was filled with terrible things.  Yes, there are some of us who can read violent things, able to remove ourselves.  Then there are people like me that cannot in any way at all.  If only there existed a brain washing device to remove images from one's mind.  

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