27 March 2013

Anticipation: A cruel mistress

Like this time last year I am having difficulty in trying to choose the right books to pack.  Your assumption is correct, I am going away to visit water.  Still a book lover and not an e-reader owner, I lack the technology to store an infinite catalog of books.  However the tech allure is mounting daily especially with airlines being so stingy on weight requirements.  Since the budget is allotted for beers, sandals and beers, the kindle bindle with have to wait. What am I going to read?  Frankly, I have no clue, but the odds are in favour of dragons or some type of space thingy.  In all honesty, the books I want to read have yet to be released.  In order of freak out levels, here are my top 4 most anticipated reads.
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I am thrilled beyond measure that there will be a series about The Checquy.  Daniel O'Malley, author of The Rook has smartly decided to carry on, thus feeding his new adoring public with more tales from the super secretive, highly important British governmental magic division.  When will this bad boy be released?  Considering O'Malley's publisher and editor received their copies in Jan. it is going to be awhile.  How do I know this, he told us so in his rather fabulous verbose blog.   Level of Anticipation:  2 out of 5 freak outs.  Having just reread the book, I can wait.  Like I have a choice. 

Who's that guy?
Continuing with the fantastic, it will come to no surprise that Mercedes Lackey's (and various authors) next installation of the The Secret World Chronicle is big on my to read list.  Based on the rather disturbingly hyper popular MMO, City of Heroes, these collections of stories are offered first as podcast installments then later printed onto paper, bound and available for purchase.  In other words, they are made into books, that I then buy.  If you are looking for something fun to read, and when I say fun I mean "comic book, action packed, super insane, the world is being taken over by Nazi Robots, thank goodness for the super power league who will save us" then this is the series for you.  Level of anticipation:  3 out of 5 freak outs.  Hey, a girl sometimes just wants to read some ass kicking that is milder than the Games of Thrones but more ultra-violent than Spider-man circa 1967.
Rated G for generally awesome

October! WTF
Dang it all to heck and back again, but I have fallen victim to Young Adult or YA if you must know.  Thanks in part to The Hunger Games, which I was so slow in finally reading and so wrong in not picking up sooner, I chanced up on  The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth.  To say that I am keening on the impeding release of the yet to be named Book 3 is an understatement.  Level of Anticipation:  4 out of 5 freak outs.  Roaming the Young Adult section in the book store is rather creepy.  Just publish the darn book so I can scurry into a corner and get my fix.

4 out 5 freak outs for a YA book means simply that it is awesome.  The question remains what book is causing me to break out in hives from anticipation?  If you have to ask then you haven't been paying attention to my recent posts about The Expanse Series:  Leviathan Wakes, Caliban's War.  We (humanity) are not alone.  Venus is sentient and has a habit of transforming humans into vomit zombies.  It's a problem.  
Level of Anticipation:  5 out of 5 freak outs.  This is the best space opera I have read in years and am loving every sentence.  A must for all you space junkies.

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  1. Wow! I can't imagine anything trumping my anticipation level for Divergent #3. I need to check out James S. Corey, I guess.


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