18 September 2014


I have been sharing Thank the Maker on various blog networking platforms in the hopes of making it rich. Diamonds have an unfortunate trait of not falling from trees nor does a line-of-credit stay static in the vaults of the banking netherworld like a well-behaved money dog. 

The summer was divine, the perfect ideal of no job, young son, shorts, museums intermingled with tears, disconnection and whining ( I am such a baby at times). The sunshine bubble has popped, reality looms larger than this past Super Moon and this Momma needs to rethink her options. Hence the half-assed attempt to hustle my blog on-line hoping that my insight into life's deeper question, the continued need to micromanage SF categories into extreme geeky definitions.  What is up with sub-categories? The time I spend on finding the correct fashionable descriptor for every book review post could be better spent with me actually reading more books. Could we, as a collective SF community just get over ourselves a little and let a book be a book.

Where was I? I am beginning to suss out why this blog may not be bringing in the big bucks.  That being said, I have been nominated for a Liebster award and am rather gleefully happy about it even though I am unsure what it really is. Can I admit to that?  As part of the requirements of the nomination and to ultimately unlock famedom/cashdom I need to fulfill a few requirements with one of those being, thanking my nominator,  Carla Wynker whose blog The Carla Diaries can be viewed here.  The second component is to answer 11 (why 11?) questions posed by my nominator and subsequently nominate 11 (once again, why?) other bloggers with less than 200 followers.  Somehow I feel like I am in the midst of chain letter, wait..
By the way dear readers, I did not want to bring this up but it has come to my attention that I only have 21 followers. I am quite aware more than 21 people are reading this very post so why don't you be a dear and follow Thank the Maker, making my dreams of ultimate power come to fruition. It's difficult to take over the world, one SF book review at a time when you only have 21 minions.  Glad we cleared that up, and now a brief interlude brought to you by Carla, who wants to get to know me just a little better. Rather than posting the questions I will creatively integrate them into an opinionated exposé of myself, forever cementing the fact that I am completely off my rocker.

Thank the Maker was created three years ago in the vain attempt to convince all my non-SF reading friends to sit down already and read SF.  But as with all truths there is the real truth behind why we do things, to find out the real story behind the blog revisit Things:  A Review of The Ocean at the End of the Lane.  At this point, Carla wants to know what my favourite book of all time is, if you don't know by now then there is no hope for us being besties (spoiler alert: Dune). And while there are quite a few wonderful characters in the Dune series, morphing my husband into one of them is just darn creepy. Sure, it would be kinda cool if he was Batman but I think that is my son's idea of perfection, not mine.  As for my favourite book character, that is difficult as I am more about world building and plot development and couldn't possibly pick one Miles  over the other.  Saigon continues to be the city I want most to be found sitting along side a busy intersection slurping noodles contentedly with my husband, having packed only flat shoes in my travel bag, and trying ineffectively to read the only book I brought more slowly. 

Desert island questions are leading as I would much rather not be there at all, having in all probability fallen out of boat, but if I must choose I would bring a tarp, a knife and a flint.  Listen, years of Survivor watching has taught me a few things, as had the endless amounts of Flintstones re-runs I took in as a kid; there is not an episode of life that cannot be directly segued to Fred and Wilma.  Current favourite wardrobe item is my newly purchased bunny hug, which to everyone beyond the province of Saskatchewan is a hoodie.  And with this very cosy sweater, I will go out this afternoon to combine my three hobbies, walking, bench sitting and reading.  

Although this is less an award and more a means to support each other in the guise of a tween chain letter, here are my four, (11 is too much!) nominations for the Liebster Award: Still Life with Birder, The Dork Portal, Nigel G. Mitchell , This Space Intentionally Left Blank.  Do what you will with the award, blogger friends. Sometimes it is nice just to be singled-out and given the opportunity to ramble on about yourself.  My 4 (yes 4) questions are: who's your Daddy, what did he teach you, why are you blogging, the real reason please, and the most over-rated book you have read. 

As for my minions, start following, we have work to do.

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