3 January 2016

Balance: This Girl's 2016 Resolution to Read Vintage SF

Resolutions are fast and free this week. January, the month of personal promises finds many of us trying to extend our reading piles while reducing our waist lines. While I gave up on adding more books to my steady 50, 50 I pledge, 50 I read, I am going to dip my toes slightly into the waters of hopeful intentions by reading more vintage SF.

With Heinlein effectively ending any interest I may have had with publications before 1971, I am none too excited. If anything those unsuccessful reading attempts taught me to be more thorough in my choice of grand-daddies. Thus I look to Asimov to save my day, fulfilling the Little Red Reviewer's January plea to wander the second hand bookstores in search of the classics. Which vintage books exactly are unknown as time spent in the back quarters of a used bookstore's SF section is a treasure trove of mysteries. My hope is the continuation of the Foundation series, but what I truly wish, as does many, is an Alfred Bester; the holy grail of SF classic publications. 

Of any reading month, January is my busiest. I always have a pile of gift books that has to compete with my expansive library requests. With so many words to read I am slightly worried; after all, it is advantageous to remain present in the moment when raising a child, nor forsake the hubby who does seem to like my company. Balance is the key, especially when V. E. Schwab's A Darker Shade of Magic sits beguiling beside me, winking and flirting, daring me to join the magical adventure.

 If there is one thing I have discovered about my reading self, I am unable to resist magic. Christmas of grade six, I received a a magic kit, complete with wand, table and 5 tricks to master. Special satin scarfs borrowed from my mother's fancy draw draped the magic table as I honed in upon my spiel, in my mind successfully dazzling those around me with my slight of hand. Magic though, magic that keeps me nose deep into a good book is the one of power, of wonder, of sparkly amazement; the magic that runs deep through Harry Potter, seeps out of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, the one that powers the blood of Merlin, Gandalf, Myfanwy. It is this magic, the magic of fantasy that has my soul. Maybe the key to 2016's resolution is discovering vintage magical space opera. Oh my!

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