12 March 2012

Let's Get Nuts

Sometimes, and I do mean sometimes, I read things from the interweb.  Yes, I know that is  not supportive of me being a blogger and all. It's even worse considering that Dune Husband's job is a writer for the internet.    My house is basically paid for by the net but I can't be bothered to click on things.  Actually it is not about being bothered, it comes down to finding things that are of interest to me.  I also give up too easily.  I click, I look, I leave.   Like all things Dune girl related it comes down to time.   Who has the friggin time!  I've got four fabulous books stacked waiting for me on the bedside table,  a very cute Dune Son who likes to spend time with his Dune Mommy and don't even get me started on Dune Husband, good lord that is another post all together.  To be truthful I could make money off of a blog just about Dune Husband but I enjoy staying married at this present time.  Last night Dune Husband decided that the people in the apartment next door are either spies or aliens.  He hasn't figured out why they have (what appears to be) a large satellite in the bedroom but I am sure it is high on his to do list this week.  I will keep you up to date. Don't you all worry about that.

I have three sites I check religiously:  Facebook, my email account and thesuperficial.com. If you don't know The Superficial then you are most likely smarter than me and I congratulate you on being a self-possessed person who is not gob-smacked by the happenings of celebs.   However if you do know The Superficial then you most likely like the colour fuchsia, look at things that glimmer and are considered one of my closer friends, or soon to be!  Lucky you!  As I was saying , currently I am not one to read things posted on-line but am trying.  I spent a day (don't tell work) researching e-readers and was this close to buying a Hobo, or was it Kobo and realized just as I was on the pay page that in fact I truly like books, real books with pages bound into a cover that one can hold.  This post is about, are ready for this, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja.

Things are going to get nuts.  No shit, you say.

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is an on-line comic strip about a Doctor who is also a Ninja.  Are you smiling as wide as I or have you just crawled under your sofa?  Dr. McNinja has a very productive practice and thanks to his secretary Judy, a gorilla he is able to keep up a high standard of fear in his waiting room.  Beyond his practise he fights bad guys, and uses his honed Ninja skills to kick ass. Dr. McNinja comes by his sweet ninja skills naturally.  His Dad, Dan McNinja and his mother, Mitzi McNinja are in their own right pretty darn good ass kickers.  They have a high standard which results in their son  having some parental issues. Don't we all just want our parents to be proud?  For me it was all about bringing home good grades, for the ole' Doc here it is all about being able to take out a gang of pirates (his nemesis) with a single judo chop.

So, say good-bye to your day because here  is the first issueYou are welcome.

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