31 March 2012

Toes in the sand: A Review of World Divided, Mercedes Lackey

I am back.  To be truthful it has taken me over a week to fully tap back into my life.   My daily struggle was mentally removing myself from the warm salty seas that I was blissfully floating in so I could complete the most mundane tasks. As I sit here with the weekend before me, I am fully back and ready to read, and support the genre I love so much.  And on that note, let's get to the matter at hand.

Have you been dying to know what book I took on vacation? Let me put the rumours to rest, I took probably the oddest book ever to bring to a tropical haven, World Divided, Mercedes Lackey.  That is right.  I am insane.  Not only was the darn thing in hard cover, making it next to impossible to squeeze into my purse for quick reader access but it wasn't exactly chalked full of beachy feelings.  When you have white sand between your toes you don't automatically think "If only I had an apocalyptic battle involving super humans vs. aliens to read right about now."   Oops, spoiler alert.   I highly doubt I have ruined things for you.  For example,  I can't imagine my Mom ever  going out to buy the first two books in the Secret World Chronicles, even though I am her daughter and she should really expand her reading viewpoint.  I doubt she is sitting at home in the desert storming out of the computer room because I let slip that not only do these books have super heroes, super villains, witches, angels, robotic armoured super Nazis, but aliens as well.   Wouldn't it be awesome if she did though?  

World Divided is the second in a new series from Mercedes Lackey.  Once again Mercedes  co-authors the book with a list of people who live and die by the City of Heroes world.  As you all remember, City of Heroes in an online interactive game that swallows you whole.  At least this is my interpretation to the huge fan base around this game.  Single, looking for love? Don't play City of Heroes or you will end up alone at 50 with 10 cats living in a dank basement rental happily munching on popcorn at 4 a.m. while you kick some type of super villains ass in cyberspace.   As I typed this sentence out I realized that spending one's time this way sounds pretty awesome.  (The hours spent playing Lego Batman on the Wii brings tears to my eyes.)  Note to self, kick tenant out of basement so I can play some vids.  

My suggestion is to take my review with a grain of salt; more specifically with a grain of salt from the side of my margarita glass.  Now that I am back home amongst the concrete sidewalks, traffic noise and obstructed sunrises from neighbouring houses  I am enjoying the book.  A week ago, not so much.  That being said, the writing just isn't at the level that the first book in the series is.  And that is saying something because these books are not full of  Frank Herbert level of prose.    Don't get me wrong I like to read a well thought out super fight but the first 100 pages of the book lacked the detail that the first book had.  It reminded me of Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom.  The authors decided to go with monkey brain lunches and heart ripping out paragraphs rather than character driven action.  If you have no idea what I am referring to  then you have some serious movie watching ahead of you tonight or we just cannot be friends.   

As you can see I have a lot of parameters around friendship.  I never said that reading my blog would be a piece of cake.  

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