4 April 2012

War Is Coming

There are books and authors for that matter that haunt me.  Books that hold no interest to me  but for a  myriad of reasons result in me feeling a great necessity to read.   This need stems not from any personal motivation but a more global sense of duty.    The mere mention of Hemingway, Melville or Dickens triggers feelings of guilt that mimic full out high school panic.  I end up feeling like I am failing at life because I have not completed the recommended reading list.      In all probability I will never read my "duty" books.  High school taught me to be true to myself, read for curiosity rather than expectations.   Thanks to duty reading Of Mice and Men  a small part of my soul is filled with depression era, dusty sad memories that are not mine and of which I would like to vanquish.  I really need to look for a Reading Mage on craigslist.  There has to be people out there doing such a thing, right?, or have a slipped back into my awesome pretend world.

As I was typing there are books you avoid but haunt you for life.  And then there are books you are drawn too, books that whisper your name, books that everyone assumes you must have read but for some very personal reason you have not.   It will probably come as a surprise to you but I have not read Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin.

My reason surprises even me.  I do not want to ruin the HBO series currently being aired.  The show is visually stunning, the music deep and plot relevant, the actors well cast and the story is riveting.  Now to be honest there is too much violence in it for my tastes.  I end up covering my eyes and ears quite a bit, even leaving the room at times but I still love it so.  If I  succumb to the books I will lose that curiosity and wonder for the series.  I will be one of those people analysing how the stories deviate from the books.  For once in my life, (and I do mean this, I am Dune Girl after all and am so disgusted by every interpretation of Dune on the small/big screen that I vowed never to speak of it all again.  It was quite a vow.) I have no interest in champion books over film.  

Now, even I find my  rational weak.  Most likely over the next couple of months I will break down and dive into the  series but for now I am sticking to my defense.  Good fantasy/sci-fi is hard to come by on the small screen. My only dosage as of late has been Fringe.  To completely take this post off the rails let me just rant a little here.    How many different universes have the Fringe audience been introduced to?  If my count is right we have met 4 Scully's (oops, me bad) Olivia Dunham's in just over two seasons.  Seems a tad high don't you think.      

To those of you loving A Song of Ice and Fire series, I envy you.  The books are long, there are lot's of them and I can tell you all are having a fabulous time.  I am sure I will be joining you all shortly, war is coming after all.  

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